Nevada LLC Formation

There are many reasons to form a Nevada LLC. They enjoy strong legal protections when it comes to liability, avoid double taxation, are not subject to any franchise taxes, and are generally treated favorably in Nevada business courts. While many states remain uncertain about the legal status of LLCs, the state of Nevada has been one of the leaders in embracing the entity structure. If you intend to open a small business and are looking for a flexible structure that doesn’t have all of the formal burdens of a corporation, then a limited liability company is the perfect option.

On this page, you will learn about the benefits of Nevada LLCs and how to legally form an LLC in accordance to the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). At the bottom of the page, you will find a detailed breakdown of our LLC formation service options.

Here’s a quick glance at our LLC formation fees:

  • A standard $100 filing service fee
  • A $35 charge for one year of required registered agent service

Hire us today to start your LLC and get your business started off the right way, the first time around!

Nevada LLC Benefits

  1. No Double Taxation: If you form a Nevada LLC, you will avoid the double taxation that is usually imposed upon a Nevada corporation, since it is a pass-through entity. A pass-through entity “passes” all of the profits and losses “through” the entity to the owners. Taxes would then be paid on the members personal income tax returns. Which is also a benefit because…
  2. No Personal Income Tax: There is no personal income tax in Nevada. Which makes the Nevada LLC one of the least-taxed business entities in the country. Most states levy heavy taxes either on a business entity itself or on those who profit from the business. Nevada puts more money in your pocket by eliminating taxes as much as possible.
  3. Strong Liability Protection Laws: Nevada is a national leader in the realm of liability protection. The NRS are clear that the only remedy available to a creditor is that a court may charge the member’s interest with payment of an unsatisfied debt (known as a Charging Order). The NRS, in fact, specifies that no court may order any other remedy. As well, an LLC member can be held individually liable for the debts or obligations of the Nevada company (unless otherwise stated in the LLCs Articles of Organization or a personal agreement signed by the member).
  4. Nevada Business Courts: Many entrepreneurs are drawn to Delaware because of Delaware’s Court of Chancery and its longstanding history of business law. However, many don’t realize that Nevada has its own Business Courts which, like the Court of Chancery, hear exclusively business-related cases. Nevada’s caselaw is known for its business-friendly decisions, which generally favor a Nevada corporation or limited liability company. The Nevada Business Courts offer extensive management of cases, the participation of highly knowledgeable judges qualified to interpret the NRS, and a willingness to consider settings for hearings that don’t inhibit business.
  5. No Info Sharing Agreement with the IRS: Nevada is one of two states that has not signed the Information Sharing Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service. This limits the exposure of your personal information in the public record. Even if Nevada agreed to share information with the IRS, there is no information to share, as the state does not impose any corporate or personal income tax.
  6. Completely Online Formation & Filing: An LLC can be formed entirely online through the state’s SilverFlume Business Portal. SilverFlume allows not only instantaneous formation, but also instant licensing and online filing of all initial and annual business documents. Nevada has also launched the Digital Operating Agreement system, which allows members to digitally collaborate on the creation and ratification of your operating agreement.

Can I Form a Nevada LLC If I Live in Another State or Country?

Yes. There is no requirement in the NRS that you live in the state in order to form a Nevada LLC (or a Nevada corporation). In fact, even as a foreign, out-of-state entrepreneur, you can form one entirely online. The only in-state requirement that you must fulfill is the appointment of a Nevada registered agent with a registered office within the state.

The benefits of an LLC for out-of-state residents are:

  • No Nevada State Taxes
    The state of Nevada does not levy any corporate taxes, franchise taxes, or personal income taxes.
  • Do Everything Online
    The Nevada Secretary of State has made it incredibly easy to form and manage your Nevada company online by streamlining all business filings online through the SilverFlume Business Portal.
  • Favorable Business Laws
    Entrepreneurs benefit from strong business laws written in a state that values liability protection, privacy and clear legal limits on creditors.

How to Form an LLC in Nevada

Nevada LLC formation is a four-stage process governed by the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). Nevada Registered Agent LLC offers an LLC formation service, as well as an initial LLC maintenance filing service. Sign up with us today to start your LLC!

1. Pre-Formation

Before you do any filings, you will need to:

The LLC name must adhere to the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). You cannot use an LLC name already registered to another company in Nevada.

An Operating Agreement is a document which governs the ownership and operation of your LLC. In your Operating Agreement, you will lay out the initial members of your company (your owners), as well as their ownership percentage, rights, and responsibilities. You must also determine how your LLC will be managed, either by your members (member-managed) or by an appointed manager (manager-managed).

Finally, you are legally required to designate a registered agent to accept legal documents on behalf of your business. You should choose a registered agent now so that you are prepared to appoint your agent on the proper filing.

Why Hire Nevada Registered Agent LLC?

  1. Privacy: When we form your LLC, we can use our name and Nevada business address on your Articles of Organization and keep your private information off the public record. This will save your personal address from being in the public eye, as well as from copious amounts of neverending junk mail for years to come.
  2. Expertise: Nevada business filings are confusing. Very confusing. We can handle every aspect of your formation and initial maintenance and ensure that you don’t miss a single step.
  3. Compliance Monitoring: There are multiple ongoing maintenance requirements in Nevada. We track all of them and update you regularly so that you never lose your good standing with the state.

At Nevada Registered Agent LLC, we’re a small and local company that focuses only on registered agent services and business formation, and we have plenty of experience and knowledge to get your business exactly where it needs to be. Hire us to start your LLC today!

2. Nevada LLC Formation Filing 

To form a Nevada LLC you will need to file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. This officially creates your limited liability company. The Secretary of State charges a $75 filing fee.

Your Nevada registered agent is appointed on your Articles of Organization.

When you hire Nevada Registered Agent to form your LLC, our fees look like this:

  • $100 Service Fee
  • $35 for 1 Year of Nevada Registered Agent Service
  • $75 Secretary of State Filing Fee

3. Initial Nevada LLC Maintenance

Nevada requires a newly formed LLC to file an Initial List of Members or Managers. This is a document that lists the names and addresses of your initial members or, if your LLC is manager-managed, the names and addresses of your initial managers.

There is a $150 filing fee for the Initial List of Members or Managers charged by the Secretary of State, and a $200 Nevada Registration License (also known as a Nevada Business License). The fee for both totals $350, which pushes the total state LLC formation fees up to $425 total (including the filing fee for the Articles of Organization). You have 30 days in which to file the Initial List. Late filings will be charged an additional $100.

LLCs are required to file the Initial List and the Business Registration (or Business License) application at the same time.

  • $350 – Initial List Filing Fee and Business Registration Fee (Business License Fee)

Nevada Registered Agent LLC automatically handles these filings as part of every LLC formation package. Our knowledgeable filing staff are the quickest in Nevada, and know how to get your company up and running right away, the first time out.

4. Ongoing Nevada LLC Maintenance – Annual Reporting

After you form your LLC and file your Initial List, you will be required to submit an annual List of Members or Managers and pay an annual Business Registration Fee (to maintain your business license).

  • Annual List of Members or Managers: $150
  • Annual Business Registration Fee: $200

As your registered agent, we will update you about all ongoing maintenance and compliance requirements.

Ongoing Fees: $350

Does a Nevada LLC Need an Operating Agreement?

The NRS does not require a Nevada LLC to write and adopt an operating agreement, but it is a good idea to do so. An operating agreement addresses your LLC’s ownership and management, clarifies administrative roles, sets a clear path for how membership can change hands, and lays out a plan for solving disagreements within the company. A Nevada company without an operating agreement may also find itself on the short end of legal disputes. For example, disputes over ownership percentages would normally be informed by the operating agreement, but without one a judge will be left with determining who owns what entirely on their own.

As your Nevada registered agent, we can help you with your operating agreement.

Why Hire Nevada Registered Agent LLC?

Every business entity in the state is required to appoint a Nevada registered agent. There are plenty of options available to your Nevada company, but none as experienced and as knowledgeable as Nevada Registered Agent LLC. We are a small, dedicated local Nevada company. We handle nothing but Nevada incorporation and registered agent services. Our filers spend each and every day forming Nevada LLCs and monitoring our clients’ compliance.

Let’s be straight. Nevada is a complicated state to form an LLC in. There are numerous filings and fees, and it is not always clear exactly what documents need to be filed and when. Many, many business owners get off to a poor start by missing important filings. That’s why we’re here to help. Our filing guides know every nook and cranny of the system. We know how to get your company up and running right away, the first time out.

We look forward to becoming your Nevada registered agent and are here for your business formation needs!

Our Nevada LLC Service Options

Option 1:

Formation & Initial Maintenance

Option 2:

Formation, Initial Maintenance & Annual Compliance

$425 Secretary of State Filing Fees
(see table below for breakdown)
$425 Secretary of State Filing Fees
(see table below for breakdown)
$35 One Year Registered Agent Service $35 One Year Registered Agent Service
$100 Filing Service Fee $100 Filing Service Fee
$450 Annual Report Compliance*
(charged at time of renewal)

Total: $560

Total: $560
($450 due at renewal time)


*Annual Report Compliance includes state fees ($150 annual report fee and $200 business renewal fee), plus our $100 fee.

You must also appoint a Nevada registered agent to accept service of process on behalf of your company. We offer this service for only $35 a year.

Secretary of State Filing Fees for Nevada LLC

Below are the Secretary of State’s required documents and filing fees to form a Nevada LLC:

Articles of Organization $75
Initial List of Members/Managers $150
Nevada Business Registration $200

Visit our Nevada LLC page to learn more details about LLCs and the required ongoing maintenance.

When you’re ready to get your LLC formed, head over to our Incorporation Service Sign Up page!