Incorporate in Nevada

For many years, business owners were drawn to incorporating in Delaware because of the state’s strong business laws. The state of Nevada took notice of this trend and began crafting its own laws that supported local businesses and made the state one of the most business-friendly states in the Union.

Why incorporate in Nevada? With no corporate income tax, no fees on corporate shares of stock, no personal income tax and no franchise taxes, as well as an emphasis on business privacy, Nevada has established itself as a leader in the field.

On this page, you’ll learn about why so many companies incorporate in Nevada, why the Nevada corporation has only become a stronger option over the years, and the unique benefits of choosing our local services for your incorporation, such as use of our local, physical Nevada business address.

Nevada Business Address

One big and unique advantage we have over our local competitors is our Nevada business address, which is our physical business address that our clients can use in place of personal addresses anywhere an address is required on business formation documents, including the principle, mailing, members, managers, officers and directors, and business license address areas. This keeps your personal addresses completely off the permanent public records. Unlike our local competitors who only use virtual addresses and charge extra, we include our local and physical Nevada business address for free.

Quick glance at our corporation formation fees:

  • A standard $100 filing service fee
  • A $35 charge for one year of required registered agent service

Our Nevada business address is included free of charge when you hire us to be your registered agent or form your corporation. Hire us today to start your corporation and get your business started off the right way, the first time around!


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Nevada Corporation Benefits

  1. No Corporate Income Tax
    Nevada is one of the few states that has no corporate income tax. This saves corporations in our state considerable money. In addition to no corporate income tax, there are also no taxes on corporation shares, no franchise tax, and no personal income tax.
    Nevada is one of the least-taxed of states when it comes to business taxes. This allows companies to reinvest their profits or distribute them how they see fit.
  2. Streamlined Incorporation System
    You can incorporate in Nevada entirely online through the Nevada SilverFlume Business Portal. SilverFlume allows for instantaneous licensing and speedy turnaround. Initial and annual filings can all be completed online.
    Many states are still stuck in the past, requiring that you submit filings by mail or by fax, with slow turnaround and processing that holds up your business. Nevada continues to be on the cutting edge of the formation and compliance industry, looking for new ways to provide businesses with easy-to-use technology and fast processing.
  3. Legally Protected Liability
    State law—Nevada Revised Statutes—allows only two ways in which to “pierce the corporate veil”: fraud or manifest injustice. There is no greater level of liability protection. Creditors seeking the collect from shareholders of closely-held corporations (corporations with between two and 75 shareholders) the only method allowed by law is the charging order.
    Nevada was the very first state to impose this strict limitation. This protection extends to and protects S corporations from losing their federally granted tax status in the case that a judgment is brought against a shareholder.
  4. Nevada Business Courts
    For many, many years Delaware has claimed that businesses should incorporate there because of its unique Court of Chancery, which handles business law and business related cases. What most people don’t realize is that Nevada has its own unique court systerm: the Nevada Business Courts.
    Just like the Court of Chancery, Nevada’s Business Courts minimize the time and cost of commercial litigation by employing early, extensive case management, utilizing specialized judicial participation, and considering alternative settings for hearings to allow businesses to avoid any disruption. The decisions of the Nevada Business Courts are streamlined to create statewide precedent so that businesses understand exactly what to expect when litigation is brought before the courts.
  5. Statutory Protection for Directors and Officers
    Directors and officers of Nevada corporations may exercise their duties in good faith on an informed basis and be fully protected from liability except in the case of intentional misconduct, fraud or a knowing violation of the law.
    While states such as Delaware allow for such protections of directors, Nevada extends this protection to officers as well. As well, directors are protected in Nevada from the corporation’s creditors, a protection not offered in Delaware.
  6. Director Flexibility in the Face of Takeovers
    In many states, directors are hampered by laws that prevent them from taking certain factors into consideration when faced with a corporate takeover. In Delaware, for example, directors in many cases are required to accept an offer simply because it is the highest bid, regardless of the effects on employees or the interests of the community. In Nevada, however, state law allows directors to consider the effect a takeover will have on employees, the community and the local economy when faced with a takeover offer.

Our Unique Nevada Corporation Service Benefits

  1. Free Nevada Business Address: Unlike most of our local competitors who can only offer a virtual business address, usually at an extra cost, we have our own physical Nevada business address we can list on your formation documents for free instead of any of your personal addresses. This is a huge and often overlooked perk. Not only will our Nevada business address keep your personal addresses safely out of the public eye for anyone to be able to find, but it can give your business credibility, establish permanence, and prevent copious piles of junk mail from being delivered to you for years to come, among many other advantages.
  2. Expedited Service: We will process your filing on the day we receive it. We are the fastest incorporation service in the state. We have plenty of experience with the Nevada Secretary of State, and will make sure you are taken care of.
  3. Reminders: Whether you choose to also use us for your registered agent needs or to take care of your annual reporting, we will be sure to communicate with you well in advance on upcoming documents due, and keep you in the loop on the latest status of your important documents.
  4. Free Business Forms & Templates: We have quite the arsenal of business forms and business templates that your corporation could ever need. We will customize them for you, as well. Our competitors can charge extra for business documents, but we prefer to be transparent, and we’ll give you access to ours at no extra cost.
  5.  Secure Online Account: We’ll provide you with your own secure online client account that you can log into at any time. This account serves as your main document portal to keep you totally organized, making your already-hectic life much more manageable.
  6. Nevada Business Presence: We give you all the tools to start building your online business persona today. That includes a web domain, website, SSL, business email address, and a Nevada phone number and service that can forward texts and calls to your own device. No additional upfront cost, your data never sold, and you can cancel at any time. Everything secure and a great way to maintain that separation between your business and your personal life.
  7. Lifetime Customer Service: Whether it’s the early stages of your business ownership or 10 years down the road, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are our client, we can help you with any state forms or certificates, or answer any questions related to Nevada business filings. We’ve been in the business formation game a long time, and enjoy helping our clients get exactly what they need.
  8. Access to Additional Services: Once inside your secure online account, you’ll have the option to add some of our other services, like our Trade Name Service. For $125 plus your county’s filing fee, we’ll register a Fictitious Firm Name (also known as a trade name or DBA) for your corporation.


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Can I Incorporate in Nevada if I Live Outside the State?

Of course you can! You can incorporate in Nevada by filing the proper formation document, paying the appropriate fees, and hiring a local Nevada registered agent (that’s us!). If you have followed these steps, you can own and manage a Nevada corporation even if you live in another state or another country.

Our Nevada Business Address for Nonresidents
Our Nevada business address we offer our clients will come in especially handy for nonresidents of Nevada looking to incorporate. Our Nevada business address is more than just a virtual address that our competitors sell you separately—it’s a legal, physical business address that you can use anywhere on your business formation documents. Our Nevada business address is included free in our business formation services.

Benefits of a Nevada corporation for non-residents:

  • Minimal Corporate Taxation
    There are no corporate income taxes in Nevada, no franchise taxes, and no taxes on corporate stock.
  • Digital Incorporation
    You can incorporate in Nevada online using the SilverFlume Business Portal. Furthermore, you can manage all of your initial and annual filings entirely online. There is no need to ever set foot in the state!
  • Liability Protection
    The liability protection for Nevada corporations extends to you even though you do not live in the state. Nevada has written some of the strongest liability laws in the nation.

How to Incorporate in Nevada

There are four stages to incorporating a corporation in Nevada. We offer an incorporation service that also provides you additional invaluable benefits, such as a Nevada business address to maintain your privacy, and initial maintenance filing service. Sign up for service today to start your corporation!

1. Pre-Incorporation

Naming Your Corporation

You must choose a name for your corporation that is not already registered to another entity within the state. The name you select must include one of the following designations: Incorporated, Inc., Limited, Ltd., Company, Co., Corporation or Corp.

Writing Corporate Bylaws

Your Bylaws dictate the ownership and management of your corporation. When writing Bylaws, you need to lay out the initial shareholders of your company (the owners), the number and class of shares they control, and the rights and responsibilities that come with those shares. You will also need to designate the board of directors and corporate officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer) of your company.

Finding a Registered Agent

You are legally required to designate a Nevada registered agent to accept service of process on behalf of your company. You must appoint an agent on your Articles of Incorporation. This is a good time to compare agents and make your selection.

Why Hire Us?

  1. Additional Privacy: Nevada Registered Agent LLC can list its Nevada business address anywhere on your formation documents as a way to keep your private information off the public record. This will save your personal address from being in the public eye, as well as from copious amounts of neverending junk mail for years to come.
  2. Total Compliance Monitoring: As your registered agent, we track all of your compliance deadlines and keep you updated. There are numerous requirements in Nevada that you must meet in order to maintain good standing.
  3. Filing Expertise: Nevada doesn’t make it easy to form a corporation. There are numerous filings and fees, and the information is not generally clear concerning exactly what you must do and in what order. Our local filing experts can handle your incorporation every step of the way.

At Nevada Registered Agent LLC, we’re a small and local company that focuses only on registered agent services and business formation, and we have plenty of experience and knowledge to get your business exactly where it needs to be. Hire us to form your corporation today!

2. Nevada Corporation Formation

To form a Nevada corporation you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. The filing fee is a minimum of $75, although the actual fee is based upon the number of your authorized shares of stock.

You must appoint your Nevada registered agent on the Articles of Incorporation.

Our formation filing service includes the following:

  • $75 Secretary of State Filing Fee (minimum)
  • $35 1-Year Nevada Registered Agent Service
  • $100 Incorporation Service Fee

We won’t charge you fees for things our competitors do, such as business forms, state templates, or a Nevada business address to keep your personal addresses private. In fact, our business address is a legal, physical address instead of what our competitors offer, which is just a virtual business address, and usually at an extra cost.

3. Initial Nevada Corporation Maintenance

The formation of your corporation is only the first step. Additional filings are required federally as well as by the state of Nevada.

File Initial List to Nevada Secretary of State

Within 30 days you must file an Initial List of Officers and Directors. There is a $150 filing fee.

You must also file for a business license and pay the Business Registration Fee. This fee is $500 for corporations.

When Nevada Registered Agent LLC forms your corporation, we handle these filings for you:

  • $717 total for both the Initial List and Business Registration Fees (includes a $50 service fee from us, and a 2.5% state credit card processing fee)

Our knowledgeable filing staff are the quickest in Nevada, and know how to get your company up and running right away, the first time out. We maintain your privacy year after year, since you can use our Nevada business address indefinitely, letting you remain worry-free on any privacy concerns and able to focus on the right things.

File for a Federal EIN/Tax ID from the IRS

There isn’t a specific deadline within which your corporation must have an EIN, but it will be required for early next steps like filing your BOI report and opening a business bank account, so it’s best to obtain an EIN as soon as your business is officially incorporated. You may apply for an EIN directly with the IRS, or hire us to apply on your behalf by selecting “Tax ID” under optional items during check out with your hire us to incorporate your new Nevada corporation.

File Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report to FinCEN

Most corporations incorporated on or after January 1, 2024 must file a Beneficial Ownership Information report within 30 days of incorporation (or within 90 days if formed anytime during 2024). Companies incorporated prior to 2024 may file their initial report anytime in 2024. All BOI reports are reported to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as mandated through the Corporate Transparency Act. The reports are free to file and the information reported is not available to the public.

BOI reports consist of the following sections:

Company information required of businesses formed in or after 2024 includes the business’s registered name, any trade or DBA names, current address, formation jurisdiction, and tax ID or EIN.

Individual information required of beneficial owners and company applicants from all reporting businesses includes each individual’s full name, date of birth, residential address, and copy of an identifying document with a unique ID number (e.g. driver’s license).

  • Beneficial owner: anyone who controls the company directly or indirectly. This includes those who own at least 25% of the company and people in powerful positions like CEOs or board members.
  • Company applicant: the person who filed to form or register the company, and if different, the person who directed the filing to be made.

Businesses in existence prior to January 1, 2024 are not required to file company applicant details.

Don’t want to file a BOI report? You might not have a choice about whether to file, but you can choose not to file it yourself! For just $9, we’ll file your BOI report for you.

4. Annual Nevada Corporation Maintenance

Once your corporation is formed and your initial maintenance filings complete, you will be required to file annual maintenance filings and pay ongoing corporate maintenance fees.

Every year you must file an Annual List of Officers. The filing fee is $150.

You must also pay the Annual Business Privilege Tax of $500.

Both of these are submitted to the Secretary of State. As your registered agent, we will send you regular reminders to file you Annual List and pay your Business Privilege Tax, but we do not handle these filings for you.

Annual Maintenance Fees: $650 plus a 2.5% credit card processing fee.

Does a Nevada Corporation Need Bylaws?

Yes. Nevada state law requires that a corporation write corporate bylaws and keep the bylaws with other business records. Bylaws are an internal document and are not required to be filed with any government agency. It is important to write clear bylaws that address all the issues of ownership and management of your Nevada corporation, including (but not limited to): how shares of stock can be bought and sold; the rights and duties of directors and officers; the responsibilities of shareholders; the formal procedures for annual meetings; and the distribution of profits.

Why Hire Nevada Registered Agent LLC?

Nevada Registered Agent LLC is the premier agency for Nevada incorporation and Nevada registered agent service. We’ll be up front with you: incorporating in Nevada is complicated. There are many steps, multiple filings, and a number of initial fees that must be paid within certain time limits. If you’ve never formed a Nevada corporation before, it is easy to make a mistake and have your incorporation rejected.

We are a local Nevada company, and we handle Nevada incorporations every day. We own our own buildings, giving us the unique ability to offer you a Nevada business address to remain private. When you hire us, you can rest assured that our expert filing staff will give the proper time and attention to your filing. You can feel confident that the company handling your incorporation understands all of the particular requirements for forming a corporation in Nevada.

As well, we provide the most reliable Nevada registered agent service in the industry for one low annual price. Unlike most of our competition, we don’t hook you with an “introductory price” only to upsell you later or charge you exorbitant renewal fees. We believe in straightforward prices, quality service, and building long-term relationships with our clients.

We are here for your business formation needs and look forward to working with you!

Our Nevada Corporation Service Options

Option 1:

Formation & Initial Maintenance

Option 2:

Formation, Initial Maintenance & Annual Compliance

$725 Secretary of State Filing Fees*
(see table below for breakdown)
$725 Secretary of State Filing Fees*
(see table below for breakdown)
$19 state credit card processing fee $19 state credit card processing fee
$35: One Year Registered Agent Service $35: One Year Registered Agent Service
$100 Filing Service Fee $100 Filing Service Fee
$767 Annual Report Compliance**
(charged at time of annual renewal)

Total: $879

Total: $879
($767 due at renewal time)

*SOS fees include a $75 minimum fee based on your number of shares and a 2.5% credit card processing fee.
**Annual Report Compliance includes state fees ($150 minimum annual report filing fee, a $500 business renewal fee, and a 2.5% credit card processing fee), plus our $100 fee.

Our Nevada business address is included free of charge when you hire us to be your registered agent or form your corporation.

You must also appoint a Nevada registered agent to accept service of process on behalf of your company. We offer this service for only $35 a year.

Secretary of State Filing Fees for Nevada Corporation

Below are the Secretary of State’s required documents and filing fees to form a Nevada corporation:

Articles of Incorporation $75 minimum*
Credit Card Processing Fee 2.5% of the total amount due
Initial List of Officers/Directors $150
Nevada Business Registration $500

*Filing fee is listed at the minimum, and the actual fee is based upon the number of your authorized shares of stock.

To learn more details about Nevada corporations and the annual maintenance fees and requirements, visit our page on Nevada Corporations.

If you’re ready to form a Nevada corporation, head over to our Incorporation Service Sign Up page!