How-to Guide: Nevada Business Filing

Nevada Business Filing Tips

Form a Nevada LLC or Corporation Yourself

For those entrepreneurs who want to tackle Nevada business filings on their own, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide for exactly which filings you will need to submit and how to submit them.

Before You File

To prepare for your filings, you need certain information.

Company Name

You will need to determine if your company name is already in use by another entity in the state. If it is, you will need to select a different name. You can do a Business Entity Name Search to check availability.

Registered Agent

Nevada state law requires you to appoint a Nevada registered agent. You will need to know the name and address of your agent.

You can hire Nevada Registered Agent LLC for $35 per year. You will have instant access to an online account where you will find a signed Consent Form, which you will need for your filing. There are plenty of options available to your Nevada company, but none as experienced and as knowledgeable as Nevada Registered Agent LLC. We are a small, dedicated local Nevada company. We handle nothing but Nevada incorporation and registered agent services. Hire us today!

Governing Document

A governing document lays out the ownership and management of a business entity. For a Nevada LLC, the document is called an Operating Agreement. For a Nevada corporation, it is known as your Bylaws.

When you file your formation document, you will be asked to fill out information such as the names and address of managers/members or officers, and the number of shares and class of stock (corporations only). The address portions can list our Nevada business address, included free as part of your service. This information is determined in your governing document.

Formation Filing Tips

The first filing you must submit is called a formation document.

Formation Documents:

Filing Fees:

  • LLCs: $75
  • Corporations: $75 (minimum, depending on the number of your shares of stock)

Calculating the Corporation Initial Filing Fee

Nevada corporations pay a filing fee based on the value of their authorized shares. To calculate the Articles of Incorporation filing fee, you must know the number of shares you are authorizing for your corporation and the par value of those shares.

Authorized shares are the total number of shares you are creating when you form your corporation. These shares will be issued to your shareholders, which makes them owners of your business.

Par value is not the actual value of your shares. Rather, it is the lowest possible price for which the shares can be sold. You do not have to assign a par value.

To calculate the fee:

  • For shares with par value: multiply the number of shares by their par value
  • For shares without par value: multiply the number of shares by $1
  • For shares with both: perform the calculations above for each type and add them together

Next, take your total amount and apply to the chart below.

Authorized Share Value

Initial Filing Fee

$75,000 or less $75
$75,001 to $200,000 $175
$200,001 to $500,000 $275
$500,001 to $1,000,000 $375

Above $1,000,000

First $1,000,000


Each additional $500,000

(or fraction of)


Max Fee


Initial Business Maintenance Tips

After you have filled out your formation document, you’ll also be required to include two additional filings:

  • Initial List of Members/Managers/Officers/Directors ($150 fee for both LLCs and corporations)
  • Nevada Business License ($200 for LLCs, $500 for corporations)

For corporations, the filing fees for both these documents total $650 (plus a 2.5% credit card processing fee).

For LLCs, the filing fees for these documents total $350 (plus a 2.5% credit card processing fee)

Initial List

Your company’s Initial List is filed with the Nevada Secretary of State. It lists the management of your company.

The filing fee for both documents is $150 (plus a 2.5% credit card processing fee).

The Initial List can be filed at the SilverFlume Business Portal.

Nevada Business License

LLCs and corporations must apply for a Nevada Business License. Licenses can be applied for through SilverFlume.

  • LLC Business License Fee: $200 (plus a 2.5% credit card processing fee)
  • Corporation Business License Fee: $500 (plus a 2.5% credit card processing fee)

Ongoing Maintenance Tips

Every year, your LLC or corporation will be required to file an Annual List and pay for a Business License Renewal. This is done at the SilverFlume website.

  • Annual List Fee (either entity): $150
  • LLC Annual License Renewal: $200
  • Corporation Annual License Renewal: $500

Note: the state also charges a 2.5% credit card processing fee.

Hire us to Form Your LLC or Corporation

Let’s be straight. Nevada is a complicated state to form an LLC or corporation in. There are numerous filings and fees, and it can be downright confusing keeping track of what documents need to be filed and when. Many, many business owners get off to a poor start by missing important filings. That’s why we’re here to help. Our filing guides know every nook and cranny of the system. We know how to get your company up and running right away, the first time out.

We look forward to becoming your Nevada registered agent and are here for your business formation needs. Hire us today!