Get a Nevada Business Address

What is a Nevada Business Address?

One of the many important pieces of information that will go into your Nevada LLC or corporation formation paperwork is something you may not think twice about: the addresses you will need to list for the managers or directors. When you hire Nevada Registered Agent LLC for your business formation or registered agent needs, you get to use our business address for free instead of your personal home or office address. A business address is simply a physical address that you can use anywhere an address is required on your business formation documents in place of your personal addresses.

It’s most likely acceptable to use your personal home address on your business formation documents if you work out of your home, although some home owners associations or city municipality codes may not allow it. Either way, we don’t recommend listing your home address. Even if you do have a business office or brick-and-mortar storefront with a perfectly capable address, that address will become public record if used on your formation documents, accessible to anyone in the public on the Secretary of State website. With that level of accessibility to your home or office address, you can expect some extensive drawbacks, such as copious amounts of spam mail and the potential of those addresses to fall into the hands of criminals. Our business address helps your home or office address to stay off the public record, plain and simple.

Are Business Addresses Required in Nevada?

While Nevada doesn’t specifically require businesses to maintain a principal business address, you will need to specify addresses on other sections of the formation documents, such as for managers and directors. Our business address can be used on any part of the formation documents, giving you privacy and saving you time and sanity in the long run.

By using our business address, it can help your company portray stability and professionalism, since you can keep using our business address indefinitely. You’ll have far less hassle when your personal addresses do change, since you won’t need to file amendment or change paperwork to several different state and city agencies every time someone on the formation paperwork moves. You can keep using our address for the long run.

Get a Nevada Business Address

Nevada Registered Agent LLC offers our business address for free when you hire us to either form your Nevada LLC, Nevada corporation, or be your Nevada registered agent. We will list our address when we file your formation documents or registered agent documents instead of your address.

Our business address also needs to be listed on your LLC or corporation’s annual report every year. You can file your own annual report with our business address to the Nevada Secretary of State, or hire us to take care of your annual report every year.

Visit our Nevada LLC or Nevada corporation formation pages, or our Nevada registered agent page to find detailed prices of all the services offered for all your business needs.

Registered Agent Address vs. Business Address

Our registered agent address is meant to receive state and legal notices or documents, such as a summons or a subpoena, on your business’s behalf. Our business address is strictly for use on the business formation documents in place of your personal address. Our business address should not be given out anywhere else—not on your business bank account records or even on your business cards.

Will I Ever Need to Use Your Business Address Again?

Since our business address is only meant for formation documents, the only other time you’ll probably need to list it will be on your annual report. If you decide to file your own business’s annual report every year, you’ll need to enter our business address, otherwise we can take care of your annual reports for you.


Hire us to form your LLC or corporation, or to be your registered agent service, and receive a free business address that will protect your personal address from never-ending junk mail and the public eye. That’s a free business address alongside the already inexpensive and quick business formation and registered agent service in Nevada!