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You’ll need a Nevada registered agent if you’re operating any kind of business in our state. Nevada corporations, Nevada LLCs, and out-of-state entities in Nevada applying for certificates of authority or registration—all of those business types are required to have a registered agent in Nevada (previously called a Nevada resident agent).

What is a Nevada registered agent?

A Nevada registered agent is a person or entity with a physical address in Nevada where they are available during normal business hours to accept service of process and other official correspondence on a business’s behalf.

Who is Nevada Registered Agent LLC?

As our company name suggests, we are a Nevada registered agent service that helps keep both local and out-of-state (known as “foreign”) Nevada businesses in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State and accepts legal documents for your business by acting as your registered agent for just $35 total per year.

As part of your registered agent service, we will:

  • Provide instant service
  • Send you timely reminders to file your Nevada annual reports
  • Online due dates and maintenance tracking
  • Upload any legal document received on your behalf to online registered agent account
  • Offer a huge advantage that our competitors don’t: our Nevada business address
  • Include instant online business presence

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What is a Business Address?

business address is a physical address that you can use anywhere an address is required on your business formation documents in place of your personal addresses.

Unlike other registered agent services, our services provide you with the big privacy perk of a free Nevada business address.  You can use our business address for your formation documents and annual reports instead of your own personal addresses. You can keep your personal addresses 100% private and out of the public eye, saving you from being preyed on by scammers and the hassle of never-ending piles of junk mail.

Nevada Registered Agent LLC Answers

As a registered agent service, we get asked a lot of questions. Below, we’ve answered the questions we get asked the most:

How Does Our Nevada Registered Agent Service Work?

What is Included With Our Nevada Registered Agent Service?

How do I Change Over to Your Registered Agent Service?

Do You Offer LLC And Corporation Formation Services?

What if I Have an Out-of-state Company That Needs to do Business in Nevada?

How Does Our Nevada Registered Agent Service Work?

If you sign up for our service, you’ll receive all the necessary forms signed and pre-populated with our Nevada registered agent information on them to make your filings with the Nevada Corporation Commission immediate. In Nevada, the Secretary of State does not require that signatures on registered agent documents be originals. We do have to sign your forms as your registered agent, however.

For just $35 per year total, you will have what you need immediately, AND understand what to do with it, in less than 10 minutes.

What is Included With Our Nevada Registered Agent Service?

With our $35 total per year registered agent service, not only will we accept service of process on your behalf, you’ll also receive the following:

  • Free use of our business address. Your company will be able to list our business address instead of yours. This is a huge and often overlooked perk. Not only will our business address keep your personal addresses safely out of the public eye for anyone to be able to find, but it can give your business credibility, the appearance of permanence, and prevent endless piles of junk mail from being delivered to you.
  • Nevada business presence. We also set you up with the tools and resources to establish your Nevada business presence, all at no additional upfront cost. You get a year free of your own secure business domain. And for 90 days free, you also get an open-source website, business email, and a business phone number with a Nevada area code (easy and fast to get a direct line on your device using our iOS or Android App). Everything you need to get your business online with the option to cancel whenever you like.
  • Timely reminders to file your annual report. We’ll send you timely reminders about your annual report. This will help make sure your business stays in compliance with the state, and all your filings will always be accurate and on time.
  • An immediate login into your online account. Once you’re our client, you’ll be able to see any important documents or service of process we receive on your behalf immediately. We’ll upload them into your online account the same day we receive them, and send you an email alert.
  • Renewal emails at the end of your service. We’ll make sure to send you an email at the end of your service asking you if you’d like to renew. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to speak with you about any questions you may have or additional services you’d like to utilize.

How do I Change Over to Your Registered Agent Service?

We make changing your registered agent over to us quick and painless. We provide a pre-filled and pre-signed document called a Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Represented Entity that you will find immediately in your new online account. Once you fill out and sign this document, you just submit it to the Secretary of State either through email or postal mail, along with a $60 fee.

To learn more details on changing your registered agent over to us, head over to the How to Change Your Nevada Registered Agent page. Or just hire us for $35 and we’ll take care of it for you.

Do You Offer LLC And Corporation Formation Services?

Yes. We offer quick incorporation services at a great price if you need to start an LLC or corporation. Visit our Nevada Incorporation Services page for more details.

What if I Have an Out-of-state Company That Needs to do Business in Nevada?

We offer Nevada registration and registered agent services for your out-of-state LLC or corporation. See our Nevada Foreign LLC Registration page or Nevada Foreign Incorporation service page to get started.


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Every company in Nevada is required to maintain a Nevada registered agent and Nevada registered office. We can accomplish not only this for you, but provide you with a free business address at the same time—something our competitors simply don’t do. With us, you won’t have a bunch of red tape and hidden fees either. Sign up today!